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Miley Cyrus Place

Miley Cyrus Place Updates

~The entire website has been updated! Check out some of our other pages!~

* You can now buy the finale of Hannah Montana! It is called Miley Says Goodbye?

* Miley and the cast are almost done filming Hannah Montana, season 4! 

* Miley is working on her new album that will come out later.

* The Last Song is in theaters March 31st! Miley has just gone to the press conference!

* Keep coming to Miley Cyrus Place! We will have a Hannah Montana farewell page, possibly more videos, and maybe a scavenger hunt!!


We are thinking of more ideas for this site now. You can now email us at!

*When this section (Miley Cyrus Place Updates) has been updated, there will be a different picture at the top of the section. The Biggest Fansite for the Biggest Fan!


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Last Month Poll Results

Question: Who do you like best?

Options: Miley Cyrus or Demi Lovato


Miley Cyrus: 17 votes

Demi Lovato: 11 votes

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Fun Fact

     Tiffany Thorton, from Sonny With a Chance, auditioned for the role of Hannah Montana!


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